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About the nation

Rosenboms Nation is an nonprofit association. This means that the appointed board actively works for our members wishes. The Nations Summit is the nations highest decision-making body and of course we hope that as many people as possible will be interested in making their voice heard.

Our officers are confident, voluntarily working students in post-secondary education in Blekinge County. We always think it is fun with new people involved in the nation, so don't hesitate to contact us if you want to join and help.

How do I become a member?

Create an account by filling out the form under become a member. Choose if you want a membership (semester or full year) and pay the required amount with either Swish or Bankgiro.

What does Rosenboms Nation collect about you?

Rosenboms Nation only collect the data that you provide us and that are required to perform our work. By creating an account you accept that we collect the data you provided. According to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to know what we have collected about you and you also have the right to be removed from our system.


What does an official do?

The officials in Rosenboms Nation work together to make the student nation better The officials of Rosenbom Nation work together to drive the nation forward. As we work for a better student life as well as business in Blekinge, there are many different work areas for an official. We offer help for high school students with their homework and we seek students that would like to help others with their homework in all subjects. For our pub Salongen we are looking for bartenders with a happy mood! You do not need any prerequisites, we will teach what you need to know.

Furthermore, a longer commitment can open up for more trust in our board. All positions in Rosenboms Nation give merit that you can add to your resume and we will write an recommendation for you upon request.

How do I become an offical?

Send your resume to us at info@rosenboms.se and we will get back to you with open positions in the nation.


Jacob Gustafsson

Joel Wirén

Samer Albardan


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Rosenboms Nation

Org. Number 802496-5348
Swish 123 561 59 68
Bankgiro 5012-8651
Email info@rosenboms.se

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