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How do I become a member?

Create an account by filling out the form. Choose if you want a membership (semester or full year) and pay the required amount with either Swish (123 561 59 68) or Bankgiro (5012-8651).

If you do not have a swedish bank account, you are welcome to pay to any of our officials.

How do I prove that I study at a higher educational institute?

Blekinge Institute of Technology / Hyper Island
Register with your @student.bth.se / @hyperisland.se email address or email proof of study certificate to info@rosenboms.se.

Another institute in Blekinge County
Send proof of study certificate to info@rosenboms.se.

What does Rosenboms Nation collect about you?

Rosenboms Nation only collect the data that you provide us and that are required to perform our work. By creating an account you accept that we collect the data you provided. According to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you have the right to know what we have collected about you and you also have the right to be removed from our system.

Type of membership:
None Semester Full year

Payment method:
Pay with Swish Pay with Bankgiro

I accept that Rosenboms Nation may save given personal information about me

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